Business processes and their supporting ICT systems are dynamic and complex. Managing the stability and effectiveness of your organisation’s business systems is made more challenging by the rapid evolution and divergence of ICT devices, platforms and software deployed within your business. Similarly, managing key  organisational relationships, with clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders, are increasingly mediated by social media technologies.

With a depth of knowledge and wealth of experience in systems-thinking approaches to the management and improvement of business and ICT systems, Bec Neill Consulting can help you and your organisation:

  • Identify and resolve business process or ICT system hotspots and bottlenecks 
  • Improve the effectiveness of your business processes and supporting ICT systems
  • Simplify and improve the cost effectiveness of your business information and systems environment
  • Improve the quality and timeliness of information delivered through key business and reporting processes


Services offered by Bec Neill Consulting include:

  • Information Systems Management analysis and advice
  • Business system performance ‘hotspot’ identification and root-cause scoping
  • Business process analysis and design
  • Business case development and project scoping for ICT system projects
  • Business system analysis, requirements development and solution design strategy