The range of information and communication technologies now available is vast, and offers ever-increasing information and communication channels and capabilities. Keeping abreast with the opportunities and challenges presented by ICTs for your organisation can be confounding, especially when the language used by technology proponents and promoters sounds like a secret code or foreign language.

Bec Neill Consulting can help you and your organisation:

  • Translate techno-babble into practical understandings of ICTs and the benefits and constraints they offer your business
  • Identify straightforward and simpler technology solutions to improve business performance and resolve business problems
  • Improve your access to key business information and data
  • Cut costs and improve service levels of key business processes
  • Develop the ICT management capability of your workforce
  • Improve gender-equality understandings and outcomes within your ICT workforce


Services offered include:

  • ICT management strategy and advice
  • ICT-system analysis and requirements documentation
  • Information analysis, structuring and strategy
  • Preparation and procedural support of ICT system tenders
  • Facilitation ICT system tender evaluations
  • Developing ICT-literacy and skill-bases of managers and leaders
  • Developing gender-literacy and gender-inclusive behaviours in ICT workforces