An organisation’s culture is influenced by each and every action directors, leaders, managers and staff take within, and in connection with the organisation. Cultural patterns and ‘norms’ in thinking and behaving can not only limit leaders ability to see strategic opportunities and managers’ capacity to capitalise on them, it can also fundamentally constrain the potential of an organisation’s human resources.

Bec Neill Consulting can help you and your organisation:

  • Reinvigorate and sustain strategic planning and activity programmes
  • Engage with, and strengthen the diversity within, your workforce
  • Implement successful and sustainable change within your business operations, and
  • Increase the value flowing from key business stakeholder relationships.


Consultancy services  respectfully and promptly surface, include and connect the diverse range of cultural perspectives, lived experiences, organisational knowledge and technical skills held by staff within your organisation. Service design incorporates inquiry and analysis techniques drawn from  Director, Bec Neill’s social science  research practice.  This unique approach delivers improved communication and increased collaboration across your organisation.

Services offered include:

  • Design and facilitation of culturally-inclusive strategic planning activities,
  • Research, analysis and advice on gender-equity obligations and compliance initiatives,
  • Management advice and mentoring organisation-wide change programmes,
  • Analysis, scoping and design of business and ICT change programmes/projects, and
  • Stakeholder strategy and business relationship analysis and advice.